How to paint concrete floors?

  • by Steve Wilson

Almost every homeowner that has a concrete floor is always looking for a way to paint it from a dull, gray slab into something much more beautiful, especially if the concrete’s inside.

One easy way to do that is to paint it! Painting concrete gives you many options with its design element because you can paint it any color you wish and also incorporate different patterns and even textures, depending on the type of paint that you choose!

Painting concrete really isn’t that difficult, you just have to remember a few key steps.

The first step in placing any kind of material over concrete is to give it a thorough cleaning and the case is no different when it comes to painting it.

Using a pressure washer can be a real time saver when you are trying to remove dirt and debris from the concrete and if there’s old paint on the concrete already, you of course want to remove any of it that is flaking or chipping off with a stiff – bristled brush and a scraper.

Once you have removed the old paint and have given the concrete a good cleaning, let it dry for several days to ensure that it is fully dried. You also want to fill in any cracks or holes just as you would if you were painting drywall. Be sure to use correct techniques and proper concrete material when you are doing this.

Indoor conctere paint coating

The next step is to ensure that the floor is completely dry and does not have any leaks before you begin painting. To do this, lay plastic down over the concrete and tape it down so that there is no air in between the plastic and the concrete. Leave it on overnight and check it the next morning. Check our services here.

If there is condensation on the plastic, there are leaks in the concrete and you will need to apply a sealer over the concrete before you can paint it. If there is no condensation, you can move on to priming your concrete for painting. Be sure to ask a professional on which primer you should use as it’s important to use one that will work well with your sealant.

Also ask a professional what type of paint you should use on your concrete.

  • Latex paint is definitely the cheapest option but probably won’t last as long as you are hoping for as it’s not very durable.
  • Oil paint is stronger and can also be used when painting concrete but cleanup can be difficult and costly as you will need to purchase mineral spirits to clean it up effectively. Epoxy paint is by far the most expensive and the best for your concrete.

However, it can be quite slippery and difficult to clean up as well so it’s best to speak to someone about what will be right for you. To ensure that the paint won’t be slippery when it’s dry, especially if you’re planning on painting a concrete floor, try to get floor paint that is specially made for painting areas that you want to remain steady.

Additives can also be placed into the paint as it is being mixed to prevent it from becoming slippery upon drying. When painting concrete, just as painting anything else, it will appear lighter in color than you had originally thought it would.

Rest assured that it will appear darker when it is completely dry. The best way to apply paint to concrete is to do it in several thin layers, usually two to four layers will be enough

Bright concrete floor paint

One of the greatest things about painting concrete is that you can do just about anything that you want with it!

Give your concrete the appearance of tile by painting grout lines as you are painting or make it appear as natural stone by adding in the soft lines that you often see in stone. For large areas, try getting really creative and paint different areas of the room with different colors.

This not only adds interest to the room and makes it vibrant but it can also nicely divide up a room into different areas for you.

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